Wednesday, September 8, 2010

fall is upon us

Well I noticed today the leaves are changing and wow what awesome colors we are going to have in a month or two and then I guess we will be bombared with snow and ice and yes old man winter will be knocking at the door . I love it when I can open the windows and let some fresh air inside and it is so nice and it smells so good . I guess you could say that my favorite time of the year is fall because of the nice cool crisp air and the clean smell . Now I love snow too dont get me wrong but when there is ice up under that snow , that is where I have a problem . As to quote someone else "houston we have a problem " . Yes folks I have slipped on ice more times than I care to remember and it aint funny . Now if we can get through this winter season without ice storms or ice up under the snow then I will be one happy woman . Take care everyone and have a blessed day .


  1. Hey there! I love fall as well! The scents are what gets me! I LOVE fall scents at bath and body works! Yum!!! Bring on the good times!

  2. i love fall as well. so glad you're in better spirits. if there was no winter i wouldn't complain. ;)