Thursday, September 16, 2010

Things are better

Im so at peace now since staying in my bible and reading it everyday and I let God tell me what I should read each day since he is my guide . I get lead by prayer and asking God what he would like for me to read each day . I think that is very important that you let God choose since he knows your heart , your mind and your troubles and what makes your heart heavy with worry . it took me a long time to understand that God answers prayer in his time and not yours . It took me forever to understand that . I have not found a good home church here and so I have a prayer study in my home every sunday and wed night . I stay in my bible and I am comfortable with that . Oh well I will leave you all with that .


  1. This makes me so happy to hear!!!!! I need to be better about staying in the Word. Sometimes I allow myself to become distracted with the stuff that really isn't important.

  2. that's good to hear ! don't forget about the ballet - will perk you up no end !!! best wishes