Wednesday, August 29, 2012

being creative

well just thought I would post these while I was here .. these can all be handmade if you are careful and get some liquid stitch and or some fusing tape either can be used .. I used fusing tape cause I already had it on hand . Here are the pics of my handi work .

okay first one is made from an old tshirt and has a draw string bottom and also added extra matierial at the bottom to strengthen it , 2nd one was made from a pillow case , and the last one was made from an old shirt and then the strap was braided from stripped up long sleeves cut from another shirt .. talk about recycling . Now my next project will be a neck tie bag or purse and I will post a pic of that if I actually go through with it and it comes out good .. if you want directions then pm me or msg me an I will try and supply them . thanks have a wonderful day .

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  1. Cute. I have made some t-shirt bags myself but unfortunately the straps tend to go if you put anything heavy in them. Having had growing boys we have lots of old t-shirts to play with though.