Friday, August 10, 2012

Im playing catch up here on my blog

I have had so many health problems in the last year that is almost impossible for me to get caught up with anything . The health problems are still not done either . I am still going to drs and this is maddening . Now I have an apt for august 15 for the rhuemotologist to see if I have fibro since no drs have been able to find out why im still having pains in my shoulder and some pain in my hands . I fear this is the begining of fibro and if it is I will deal with it . I just found out on Monday that I have a thyroid problem , yeah I know great on top of everything else this pops up .. and now the constant blood testing for the thyroid will be a pain because it seems like to me everytime you go to a dr that , it always comes out oh your blood does not show us anything . dont you think that i should have had a thyroid blood test before now say maybe 9 - 10 months ago and someone else find this ? Ugh modern medical science seems to me it should be called  a modern guessing game . I for one am tired of being a guinea pig but I want to find out what is wrong with me end of story and get well I have been going through this for a year ...
Now for a little humor to throw in here , I dont know what kind of place this is but could you imagine looking out your window and see this across the street from you ?
I think I would shudder
what you do or say ?

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  1. Oh, wow! I would be there with my Therd Eye every chance I got. Talk about photo ops! And I would write and illustrate fantastical stories. :)