Monday, August 27, 2012

okay did someone misunderstand ???

I think someone misunderstood a post I put up here yesterday .. Im not through with diagnosis yet and the drs are still poking and proding and still am not well . Im now having issues with the thyroid meds im on also so still have to get that under control .. Boy Im really under alot of stress right now due to the fact that I still have not figured out how im going to pay for this blood test the dr wants me to take in five weeks . I have worked the numbers time and time again and still cant seem to make ends meet or not meet whichever the case maybe .. I have been taking my stress meds alot because of the stress of worrying about how in the blue blazes I 'm going to get all this straight and still have my sanity in tact .. The dr is a real pill she always says are you seeing a counselor ??? for what ??? why is it everytime you tell them you are on meds for anxiety and depression they want to tell you , you are crazy and it is all in your head and you make your own pain .. LOL now tell me doc how does your body make its own pain LOL .. no my pain is real and would you like me to show you how real it is by punching you as hard as I can ??? LOL .. im so ready to give up and just say forget you and be done with medical treatment all together .. Have any of you ever felt like this ? I mean this total thing has been going on for almost a year now , a year later and Im still no better and still in paiu yeah okay .. Not a happy camper by any means LOL .

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