Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hi all yes I am still alive

Hi all Yes I am still alive and just have not had anything at all to blog about and really have not read any really spectacular books either . The heat is horrible and I heard some states are starting school this week . I cant believe that in this heat that they would want kids out in it .I think that starts to a dangerous path . Children and adults have to be careful especially ones with chronic illnesses . I m sorry but in this case I do believe I would home school and then protest the school board sending our children into this heat and risking their safety and their health . I dont care how much water you drink this heat can kill in minutes according to most doctors I have been listening to on the news . Uh oh sounds like I am on my soap box again LOL !!! Okay enough just meant to let you all know I was still alive and well . Take care all .

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  1. wow, how hot is it in ohio? it's hot here, but not that brutal. nyc was much worse though.

    i just finished reading "wench" by dolen perkins-valdez. it takes place at a *resort* in ohio during the 1850s. southern slave owners and slaves *vacation* with northern abolitionists...very interesting and sad, but a great read nonetheless!