Friday, August 27, 2010

Well still praying and asking for peace

Well I am still praying and asking for some peace from God . Im just not feeling any better I guess I am just wanting to quit being sad and depressed . I really need some peace but I worry all the time about stuff and husbands job is not helping . They are working him to death and this last place he worked did the same thing and then they let him go so there has been some issues where he works too . Like I always tell him what does not kill us makes us stronger . I am looking forward to fall but not winter . I really like the idea of the leaves changing . Oh well I will look to God every day and pray for his peace over my heart and me and my loved ones . I wish all of you a blessed day and a blessed wknd and a blessed week next week .


  1. take care, hope you feel better soon. Happy weekend

  2. I hope things get better soon. My hubby works like crazy too. Hope you get to feeling better soon.