Monday, August 16, 2010

okay if everyone comes through

Okay if everyone comes through we have enough girls clothes . I am now working on the 2 month old clothes . The daddy of the kids is really stressed and he does not know how he is going to keep a roof over their heads much less clothes . So she and I would like to take the stress off of him for a little while . The daddy has been out of work for about a year and he has had to move in with mama but step daddy wants rent from him . Which is whole other matter in my opinion so anyways the grand ma is very stressed and Im trying to help . So now from this point we are working on boys clothes so I will keep working at trying to find some and I hope someone knows of someone who has boys clothes . I m praying to God about everything lately . My stomach has been in knots cause I have the feeling that something really bad is going to happen but I have given it to God so he can take direction and I hope show me a way . Oh well enough for today and take care all .


  1. We were given a bunch of clothes for Mattias, and I went through a put together a box full for you if you still need them. You just need to email me your address.

  2. thanks joanne and I emailed you my addy and thanks so much . I am truly blessed with good family and friends whom I dearly love . I wish I could be less stressed . thanks again .