Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sure could use some prayers these days

We have been going through some issues here at the house and other places and we need some prayers cause Im tired of worrying about it and god will take care of it . I just have to remember that God answers prayer in his time not ours and this is the hardest thing I have to remember . I just could use some extra help in the prayer department . I have several things I am struggling with and dont really know how to handle them other than hand them to God . Some prayers have already been answered and I am so grateful for that . But there is nothing God cant do . So Im hoping he takes it on because I am tired . Oh well stay well and take care everyone .


  1. you are in my prayers!
    consider yourself hugged.

  2. Praying for you here! God is GOOD...and His timing is all we need.

    PS (I'm planning to put the box together and get it in the mail tomorrow ... Friday at the latest!!)