Monday, July 20, 2009

oh the woes of insurance companies !!!

well here we go again , my husband made a phone call to the insurance company yesterday just to get some information and we he started telling the lady that he was considering taking their plan she came back with oh we dont have your number in our system . "duh we just said we wanted some information . I must admit I thought back to that portion of the movie with ben stiller "meet the fockers " , when he told the stewardess to take those sticks out of her head and then maybe she would be able to think straight . I mean do they just throw these ppl on the phone without any kind of training whatsoever ? anyway back to my original point . My husband told them that I have insulin dependant diabetes and he wanted to know what they would cover on that and the lady told him that they would not cover anything they would reject the policy . This my dear friends is what is known as cherry picking in the insurance industry . In other words they will only cover healthy ppl so that they wont end up paying out too much . You know they are in the business to make money not spend it . I still say we need socialized medicine in this country . The more it sounds like to me that they dont want to cover ppl with previous illness that they would just prefer you die and sadly my friends I do believe more and more that is the truth . Oh well enough venting today my friends I might be in a better mood tommorow .

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