Thursday, July 23, 2009

today of all days

You see sometimes I think people think it is okay to lay every bit of sh*t they can on me and I am not supposed to stress over it or think anything of it . I just repeat the msgs that I am privy to , so that I can repeat them . Today is a stinking day and I really hope I receive something in the mail or something really , anything to make me feel better . Today gets stinkier and stinkier as the hours go by. Is that even a word ? stinkier ? dont really know . I really dont like when people take issue with me because I speak loud and I really think that is something left over from my childhood . we had alot of kids in our family and we all had to talk loud to be heard .
Okay so now I am talking in a whisper seems like ppl around me are happier that way .

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