Monday, July 27, 2009

so I am still running on empty of course is there any other way ?

I think sometimes we all put ourselves around ppl who are very depressive and we have to listen because there is no escape and then you have to sit and listen . It seem like lately the only nice thing in my life is the letter I receive from my pen pals . I am also very glad that my husband is back to working and will have our own place soon I hope . The doggies will also have some place to run and not have to worry about fleas jumping on them since my coussie s house has so many out in the yard you really cant walk out there with out having some jump on you . all of you who share your life with pups know what I am talking about . We have also paid to have this yard sprayed every month and to no avail still fleas . The green man does not do much folks take my word for it . Blessings to all and we shall talk later .

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