Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back to school giveaway at pixies ponderings

Well the awesome Miss Pixie over at pixies ponderings is doing a back to school giveaway and halloween fun stuff . You guys really should take a look at her blog it is called pixie's ponderings at blogspot . she looks like she has quite a good bit of stuff to be parting with . That lady is awesome , I dont know if I could move across the ocean to anywhere , vacation is great and another matter . But going across the pond to live oh my that would have to be a rather throughly thought out decision . Okay I am totally getting away from the point and rambling . Sorry guys I am rambling on . Well have a great day and be carefull out there among those english . yes that line is from the movie witness with harrison ford and kelly mcgillis . I had a fasination with Harrison Ford at one time and another one of my favorite movies is called Hanover Street with Leslie Anne Down , most of our brittish friends will know who she is . Okay everyone I promise this is it .

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