Wednesday, August 5, 2009

wow I really feel bad now cause yesterday I misread someones blog and she wrote me and said why did you say I was sad ?, it was meant to be a nice blog not sad . Okay my bad . I appologized anyway . Then I read someone elses blog and was asked to give an opinion which i did ,but in all fairness I did state like my girl Wendy Williams says I like to be an opinion of many so I left my opinion . I must say though I think it was totally taken wrong and she did ask for it when she asked our opinions . I mean if everyone thought alike how boring this world would be . anyway I will write more later and see if the earth is any kinder to me later on .


  1. hey no worries about it, i appreciate the concern! i was just a bit confused that's all. and if people ask for opinions on their blogs they can't be upset by what people say in response, like you said the world would be boring if everyone had the same voice.

  2. Hi

    If you'll email me your address I'll send you one of those lovely vintage romantic postcards that you so admired.