Thursday, August 6, 2009

I got the catwoman card a couple of days ago and the caption on it reads:So Batman tailed me !! Well he'll learn that those who bother cats can get scratched !! Oh so true and my email name is catsmeow and I am allergic to cats as well . that tickles ppl to death when I tell them that . Now the beautifull butterfly card is just adorable and got it from my pen pal crystal in north carolina . I have a passion for butterflies I guess it is because they come in so many colors and see them everyday in my cousins yard . How vivid their colors are as well . so i guess you could say my nick name is catwoman and also used to be wonder woman and then marilyn monroe have had alot of nick names over the yrs and some not so nice !!! LOL !!! Take that last part with a grain of salt . same time same channel tommorow kids . take care stay safe out there among them english .

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