Saturday, August 1, 2009

This is a great paper company and really reasonable too

Hi all I just got a pkg from the image shop . thanks to john for sending such nice stationery . You guys should take the time and check it out and look at the fine samples they have on their website . It is called . It is an awesome place and the prices are awesome as well . This is a lazy saturday for me . It is a good day but kind of lazy and laid back day . well it is finally august which means that for some of us the summer is coming to a halt and the kiddios will be back in school . I dont have any small kids anymore and kind of glad the way the world is that I dont . I think if I did I would probably be a nervous wreck all the time and would not let them out of my sight . well glad to see the missive maiden back and hope her time of grief is a short one welcome back dear . well that is all for today kids talk to everyone soon .

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