Thursday, August 13, 2009

I have such a bone to pick !!!

Okay I have such a bone to pick with the post office !!! they actually had the nerve to send an empty envie which their lousy machine tore which had 84 cents on it in order for it to be hand stamped !! what about that does the usps does not understand about the fact that the person put 84 cents on it , for it to be hand stamped !!! I think maybe they just get too busy to care sometimes . I mean if they tore the envie they should have to pay for what was in it . Of course that is my belief but apparently they would go broke cause they tear quite a few things they have torn so many postcards of mine that i have started asking ppl to please send postcards in envies to help protect them a little . I mean I know the post has a hard time already but honestly do you think that it is fair that they tear up our mail as well . I think maybe their machines need an overhaul at least and make sure what they are putting in those machines . oh well just my rant and rave for today !!!

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