Friday, February 5, 2010

Oh my god did Oprah screw it up or what ?

I know this is a popular post here today . Okay so I watched for about ten mins and kept tuning in and out of it . I was so dissapointed in this show to say the least and after about ten mins with my head ready to explode and jumping up and down on the floor and screaming at the tv NO NO NO dr oz you really dont know what you are talking about !!! I was not born with this dreaded disease I was dxed at 16 and am now 49 and guess what Im still not blind , I have both my feet hands and toes !!! My heart is in excellent shape and I am not in the ground . according to dr oz I should be in the grave already . Im so peed Im sorry but it just some more addage for the insurance companys to use to exclude us or raise our insurance rates . And Oprah may I say I do expect the ignorance out of you but dr oz , you as a member of the medical community you have a responsibilty to stop perpetuating myths and stop the ignorance and you my sir added to it yesterday . Believe me if you were in front of me I would have some choice words for you my dear sir .I m sorry to be venting like this but is anyone in the d community as peed as I am about this ? I know joanne is upset as well over at death of a pancreas . I just wish someone in the medical community would speak like they have some sense . Im done with this and I dont worship at the altar of Oprah or dr oz . Be carefull out there among them english and negative ghost rider .


  1. WAHOO!!!!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your emotion...YOU ROCK!

  2. I can't believe I missed it. this is what happens when you go sans media for four days.
    ;-) I agree. Badly played, Oprah. :P