Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Okay here goes the get to know me list

1.Yes I have a terminator personality and it does show at times but I can assure you only when needed does it get applied .
2. I was a strict mother and my kids have never been in jail or trouble of any kind .
3. I also like to make ppl feel better and laugh .
4. I was the class clown in mythology class much to Mrs . Willams dissapointment .
5. I hate to loose at scrabble .
6. I love italian food but cant hack pizza
7. I love to read am totally the book worm
8. I wont drive a stick shift car too much trouble and aggitation
9. No one drives fast enough for me .
10 . I dislike ppl who pass a school bus when the flags are out
11. i just hate ppl who are rude and dont have empathy or compassion for other ppl .
12. I am a catholic and have worshiped in different churches at different paths in my life
13. I have always hated clowns
14. I dislike ppl who think that they are better than anyone else have they ever heard but for the grace of god go I ?
15. I once had a co worker tell me that all homeless ppl are homeless because they want to be I wanted to kick her in the bread basket so badly
16. I believe in donating to the good will , if I cant use it someone else can
17. I dont like the colors of orange and purple
18 . My signature color is magenta not red like alot of ppl say , no magenta it is a much deeper shade of red.
19. I dye the color of my hair when ever it suits me .
20.I have read one hundred books last yr this yr I intend to read one hundred and fifty yeah !!!
Okay there you have it and I hope I entertained you as well .


  1. I love your list and I was thoroughly entertained. Do you not like pizza? I didn't get that one. I hate pizza because it doesn't taste good enough for the amount of insulin required. Not worth it to me.

  2. NO PIZZA??????????????

    High Five on the Good Will, my friend ;)

    My favorite color is purple and Maya's is orange...

    You need to play Jason at Scrabble -- he hates losing too!

  3. I'm a strict mom too and love Italian! I used to hate to lose at Scrabble but my hubby beats me all of the time now so I am just used to it!!

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Italian... It's my fav!!
    And you go girl on that 150 book thing.. I'd be lucky to get through 1 these days :)

  5. Nice to get to know the lady behind the phone. :)

  6. Totally entertained...loved your list...I love Goodwill, too...too bad there isn't one here! Some of my favorite furniture pieces were bought for a steal at Goodwill.

  7. oh, 100 books? i'd LOVE to read that much! and i am definitely in favor of donating to goodwill -- the last time we moved, we filled our truck with stuff to donate. the guy taking donations was very surprised!