Thursday, June 17, 2010

a decrease in my insulin needs

Okay this is really puzzling and someone else was talking about this on her blog and i got to thinking jeeze that same thing is happening to me . My insulin needs are decreasing and I cannot figure out why . Now is this the point where a rational person would say hey maybe your pancreas is kicking in again ? , hardly after this long . Or it seems like every summer we get out and do things and our need for insulin goes down . I dont know but it sure is puzzling . I have yet to get this figured out and then by the time I do I will be old and gray and ready for the rocker LOL !!! Geeze there are some days that I feel Im ready for the rocker now LOL !! I also just found out i have read 93 books since the start of this year which means I am way ahead of schedule on the 150 books goal I have set for myself . Im so glad I might even surpase that 150 thing and move onto 200. Who knows right ? Oh well not much else to blog about and remember be careful out there among them english and negative ghost rider . Also please pray for my little doggie girl as she is scheduled for surgery on the 30th of june she has a benign growth that needs to be removed and Im not real comfortable about her being put under he being so small and all but it needs to be done . so please pray for the little gal

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