Sunday, June 20, 2010

today is fathers day

I dont have a picture of my father . I really dont I have looked everywhere for one and still cannot find one . I will make sure to ask my brother if he has one when i hear from him again . So I was going to do a fathers day post and now with no picture that is a little bit impossible . I will tell you my father was a good guy but with nine kids his time was spread a little thin but I do remember him teaching us girls how to fly fish and how to fish period and how much peace it brought in my mind . I can remember that of the peace and the beautiful surroundings and sharing lunch and drinks and making a day of it .There is just something about eating food outside that makes it taste better . That is what I remember about my dad . I wish I had a picture . Well again be careful out there among them english and negative ghost rider .


  1. Your post sent me looking for a photo of my Dad. I found one and am going to post it, a day late for the specified Dad's Day recognition. I think of my father very often. Thanks for reminding me to do this.

  2. I, too, went scrambling to find a picture of my dad. He's getting older and you made me realize I don't have a great, recent pic of him. Especially him with my children. My dad taught me to fish too.