Friday, July 8, 2011

The end of our space shuttle program

I just watched the space shuttle go up and it will most likely be the last one I will see . I think it is a travesity and an injustice to the memory of our late presiden John F. Kennedy . He was the one that said by 1969 we will have a man on the moon and we did . But alas today marks the last of the space shuttle take offs and for me an end of a dynasty . What a shame it will be for our grandchildren to never see a space shuttle go into space . I think space is a frontier that we have only begun to discover and should do more to explore it . I think our government is giving up on space exploration and that is sad indeed . We used to be one of the richest countrys in the world and look now we are the laughing stock of the world . Now I heard this morning that most schools in Illnois are ending penmanship classes . Well my goodness what will happen to these children when they go to get their drivers license they wont be able to sign their name in cursive . Of course kids want things that are easier , but I think ending cursive writing is stupid to say the least . Your signature is one of ones identifying factors and yet the illnois school system chooses to take that away . Disgraceful if you ask me ... Just my humble opinion of course .

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  1. Do not lose hope. I agree with the decision to end this space program that we have. It has done nothing but fumble and falter for years. The money being poured into it can be used to revamp it, or start anew. Change is good. Our grands and great grands will be the ones to go where we've only dreamed.

    I worry about the litter and debris left in space that is raining down on our heads. Old, defunct satellites have to come back. What goes up must come down. Don't forget the satellites that are in orbit that do so much for man. The Hubble telescope is still awesome and does a wonderful job. All is not lost. Read beyond the sound bites that are twisted to make you believe the space system is dead and buried. Right now it is just dead weight, not doing any good, there have been too many accidents and failed attempts, because it's a bloated, useless entity that needs to be rebuilt.

    I learned to write at home before I ever made it to first grade. Parents should be a child's first teacher. Oh! I forget, most of today's parents can barely read or write.

    Be hopeful. Do not despair. We are Americans!