Monday, July 18, 2011

Things usually turn out for the best

Well as some of you might or might not know I was planning on getting a cockatoo that needed a home . That however did not work out as such his owner turned out to be somewhat of a "off " person shall we say . She took offense to an email I had sent her wanting to know when the bird would be arriving and I was telling her about someone else who had wanted a certain amount of money from me and how I did not think that was fair . Well she proceeded to call me up and demand that I let her finish her rant and she was fairly nasty about it . And it is like my husband said "I wonder if she even had the bird to begin with " . What really tipped me off in the background was that I never heard the bird which she claimed to be really loud and from what others have told me that was a pretty good sign that she did not have the bird . Well this woman proceeded to tell me that I had ulterior motives for wanting the bird . Well I was not going to banty words with this woman so when she finished I ended the call with a wow , okay bye bye and hung up . Well a few mins afterwards I was looking at the website that I fairly go to and some lady was looking for a home for her quaker saying that they are army and they go from place to place alot and not fair to this bird . So she and I talked and I picked him up on saturday from the airport and he talks and he is in my home and which is now his home . so the motto to this story is things really do turn out for the best in many sittuations .

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  1. Congratulations! You have a new friend and your new talking friend has a new home. :) I wonder why it's fair for children to be uprooted from their homes on a regular basis but not fair to a bird. (TEXAS SIZE SIGH) Am glad you have it. What's its name? And what type of new home-warming gift does one send to a bird? A cuttle stone? Do they all get along? No jealousy?

    Such pretty birds. :)