Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Is this the week for being bitten ?

Well I will tell you this must have been the week for bites because I just read where my good friend the Limner has said that her cat is sick and please pray for him because he just had surgery . He is home but still sick . She said that he had bitten her while she touched him with his wound . Well yesterday while messing with Alex (my new quaker ) he delivered three bites to my left hand and my right hand and my arm . Yesterday they looked nasty today they look better . I would show you pics but Im too lazy to take pics of it . Anyways he was in a foul mood and I must have pushed the issue and he is not happy today either and has been in his cage for most of the day which means Im not happy with you and you are going to be punished in bird language . So I had other things to do today and he got left alone for most of the day . My other two quakers are perfectly fine being left alone by me cause they have each other . I guess whenever Alex gets over his temper tantrum and fit or whatever you call it he will be more receptive to me , we shall see . I have had such a week and now I find out my carpet steam cleaner is dead and they will not give me my money back on that ...I will tell you more in my next blog about that ......

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