Monday, July 18, 2011

still battleing the bronchitis

Well as some of you know I have been battle-ing the bronchitis and it is still not any better with a whole round of anti biotics and still no improvement . So wednesday I head back to the doctor because I am assuming that I wont be any better and that I have some kind of super bronchitis that will not give up unless it has another round of anti biotics . So everyone please do everyone else a favor and teach your kids to cover their mouths with tissues when they cough especially if they have bronchitis and yes belive it or not bronchitis is air borne and when the affected person coughs or sneezes the germs are put into the air and all you have to do is breathe to become infected . So let us all wash our hands and stay home when anyone is sick . I have become a mad woman while washing my hands . So everyone , please pray for me if you are the praying sort if not then send out good wishes and here s to hoping that the next round of antibiotics does the trick .

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