Monday, October 26, 2009

Im on fire now two

Oct. 3, myself and my girlfriend were eating lunch at Burger King. A family came in and sat across the aisle from us. While the father was ordering food, we were shocked and appalled to see a boy inject himself with whatever medication, in front of God and everybody all while sitting at the table. We found this extremely offensive. That sort of business should be done in private. How about a little respect for those around you. Other than the obvious fact that it's not sanitary for those who use the table next, you have no idea how something like that can affect people. People go through a lot in their life and things like that may bring up certain feelings and memories best forgotten. I would like to thank those that day for totally ruining my meal.

This is what I was talking about when I responded to this the post before .


  1. Hey I just wanted you to know that when I tried to post something on that rude guys blog it told me that I was blocked for security reasons? did this do that to you as well? I just wanted you to have a heads up!

  2. I just posted a warning on the top of my post, just in case not to click on his site!

  3. nope no blocking but he is just too weak to live by his words he is a loser and a weak whimp . guess if anything maybe next time he will learn to put his brain in gear before he puts his fingers in motion LOL !!!