Thursday, October 1, 2009

The start of breast cancer awareness month

Well I just wanted to remind everyone that this is the first day of October and October is Breast Cancer Awareness month . so let us all get out our pink bracelets , earrings , pins what have you and start the solidarity . If you know someone who is fighting this awfull disease then send them a special email , card , letter what have you and let them know that they are not alone . Let us keep them in special prayer as well that God spares them and grants them some relief . Well that is it for now . Take care all and stay well and be carefull out there among them english .


  1. Hey ! This is such a great post - thank you for raising awareness. Let's face it - men need to be aware too !

    Glad you are feeling a bit better, you do seem to have had a rough time of it !

  2. Breast Cancer Awareness Week is such a great cause. Find your nearest Avon lady! You can support the research through her. :D Or buy Susan G Komen M&Ms, Dove chocolates... whatever! Thanks for reminding me! I have to go pink for October.

  3. I got pink hair extensions for Breast Cancer awareness month! I posted a picture on my blog. They are fun! And all the installation and hair cost went to BC research!!!
    Great post to remind people! My mom had a breast removed when I was 5. (Can you believe I told someone that and they asked me if she had cancer?) I am sorry to laugh, but that to me was a hilarious question. I wanted to say, "No, she was tired of smashing it when she laid on her left side" or something like that.
    Hope you have a GREAT week!!!