Monday, October 12, 2009

So distrubing

Hey there everybody . Well I must say that this book was so distrubing that I cannot recomend it at all . It deals with sex addiction , ponography and certain
other elements that I dont want to read about . I hear enough about
that on the evening news . It was so distrubing I cannot finish this book . I have never had a book that was so distrubing I could not finish it but this is certainly one of those . I wish I had known this when I sent away for it . It was a paperback swap so I guess I did not have a really good grasp of what this book entailed . So if you are squeemish about any thing as described above then please dont read this book . highly distrubing to me least ways . I just thought I would warn ppl in case you were thinking about reading it and I wish someone had warned me .
Okay kids just remember to wash them hands and take care the flu is rampant . As always be carefull out there among them english . Negative Ghost writer :) !


  1. Uh. That's too bad. Always a shock when you read a book that you weren't expecting to be about certain subjects.

    Hooray for washing hands (and avoiding the public, ha). ;-)
    Hope all is going well.

  2. Fly me to the moon....those are the books I like. Ones that take me out of my world and into a better one. Any way..., I am out and about and have my bag packed complete with a fit tested N95 respirator. Wish I could just stay home! :)

  3. We read spy novels and murder mysteries and I like horror novels. It doesn't sound like you would like those.
    I remember a book I read in college that was excellent, and a "clean" read. It was "The House behind the Cedars". It was about a black man that passed for white during the post slavery period near to the Civil War. He became a lawyer. He would go visit his mother in her house behind the cedars.. I believe it took place in North Carolina. I read it for a cross cultural perspective class and it was very interesting.
    If you want a good book that I like to revisit from my middle school days, try "Where the Red Fern Grows". You may have read it, but it would be in the junior book section, if you would want to read it.

  4. Oh that book does not sound like something I would enjoy. Ugh! Sorry you have those images in your mind now!