Saturday, November 28, 2009

Okay my turn

Hi all and this is my turn now .
Do you like bleu cheese ? No and triple no
2.have you ever smoked ? yes long time ago you own a gun ? used to hey im from, missouri
4.favorite food ? oh italian for sure
5.fave type of music ? nope dont have one
6.What do you think of hot dogs ? love them
7.favorite christmas movie ? a christmas story .
8.what do you prefer to drink in the morning ? coffee
9.Can you do push ups ? you betcha
10.fave piece of jewelry ? my wedding ring
11.fave hobby ? reading you have add ? sometimes i wish i did lol you wear glasses ? only for reading
14.middle name ? Anhara 3 thoughts at the moment ? moving , moving and moving
16.3 drinks i regularly drink ? apple juice , diet pepsi and diet coke
17.current worry ? dont have one still on my mind
18.current hate ? that I am still in florida and still my hubby has a low wage job
19.fave place to be ? I dont have one did you bring in the new year ? i slept
okay I only did twenty because I think these things are useless .


  1. You totally crack me up!! I love that you only did 20 because these things are useless!

  2. Bwahahaha! 20! Totally made me laugh!

  3. Well...I haven't done it yet...

    I'm getting to it.


  4. Your middle name is so great! And so is the fact that you stopped at 20. You go girl!

  5. LOL I feel your confusion. I wonder the same thing when I do these things... on the other hand, I really like to read them. :D
    Have a great week!