Monday, November 30, 2009

Hi all

Well yes it is that time of yr again and I will be mailing out my annual christmas cards . I dont like christmas and just never have and dont like the commercial fiasco it has become . But I have met some wonderfull ppl this year and I want them to know that I always think about them this yr especially at christmas time and the difficulties they have gone through . Now on to better and bigger things Denise is having a yarn give away and being the knitter that I am I felt i had to enter . So dear ladies who are following if you are a knitter you might want to consider joining . So here is her blog and check it out . It is Knitting in the wild at clear and she also follows me so just go over with your mouse on my followers and you will find her . those items she has are so wonderfull and lovely and I just love some of her yarn recomendations never went wrong with any of them . Oh well take care all and have a wonderfull day . Be carefull out there among them english and negative ghost rider .

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  1. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am not a huge fan of the Commercialized holiday people refer to as Happy Holiday, but I love CHRISTMAS! The real one, anyway!