Tuesday, December 1, 2009

To blog To blog To blog

I know that this has been on my mind all day . Must blog must blog , must blog . LOL !!! Wow I must say sometimes when I read some of your blogs they really trip me out cause they are so open with some things and about how you all are feeling and emotional . I must say those of you who write emotional blogs we all do write emotional blogs at times and they are perfectly fine because this is how you are feeling and you are sharing this with us . Raw emotion and that is great . This has been coming up alot in the last few wks with blogs . I for one am very passionate about my writing and I also think at times I missed my calling at being an author . But on the other hand what would I write about ? I think I would be very boring as an author although it does seem like it would be a great job . I know some of my followers write their own colums in newspapers and how very lucky they are . I think that is so awesome that they know what they want to write about every day . Me I love reading and do so voraciously . I will run through a novel in a wk . Okay on another note let us keep those fallen officers families in Seattle in our prayers . I will close here for now. Be carefull out there among them english and negative ghost rider .


  1. I think your writing is great. Write for yourself and you will do great. By the way, I'll send the snow your way. I don't want it. :)

  2. Write what you know! I love the new Look!