Sunday, December 27, 2009

This was our weather for christmas

It was rainy and nasty this christmas here in florida where we live

I hated the fact that all it did was rain all day christmas day . But there were alot of ppl on the beach despite the rain . I have several more photos. I think you all get the idea about the weather . Not pleasant at all .
The lady walking , she was walking a big white dog and two little chihuahuas and I thought that was just adorable with her and those dogs . Oh well hope you enjoy the photos .


  1. This looks daunting! I would be inside under a blanket. But then, I am sure that in FL the weather would be warm. MD is bouncing between very cold and quite warm. From snow, to sun, and to rain. I am so glad that you are well enough to be up and about.

  2. I love your new background! FABULOUS. Maybe it will help, eh? :D

  3. I love Florida- even in the rain! We should switch places!!! Hope your day was happy despite the weather!