Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Letter to Dr. Oz

I m calling for all us d moms to over flow the emails of the offices of the Dr. Oz show !!! My dear peeps he had a show on the other day , and the good dr did not quite explain the difference btwn the types of diabetes . Then he started to go into the fact that diabetes could be reversed by diet and exercise .
I wish I could print my letter here but for some unknown complicated computer fowl up I cannot and just another thing to add to my lousy day . anyway I felt compelled by my friend Nicole to write the show . Thanks Nicole and god bless you .


  1. I would love to see your letter. I didn't see that show.

    So I read a bunch of your posts when I subscribed to your RSS feed. I feel like I have gotten to know you! Thank you for posting all your diabetes woes. I have been fighting high blood sugar all day and see my endo next week. Not excited. But at least I feel less alone in the world. I finally met another non juvenile type 1!!!!

  2. uh that is soooo annoying! You would think a doctor of all people...

  3. Here is a BIG HUG to help make your day better!

  4. HI FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's keep the ball rolling ;)

  5. Go for it! I am so sorry about your cell phone. As far as b or not to b, sometimes I just day hi ya!

  6. Yes, I will find it today and get him one!! It is SOOO important to make the differenced KNOWN!!

    There are too many times, that people say or make rude remarks... and it isn't because they won't to be disrespectful, it is because they are uneducated. Most of the topis and discussion or even the commercial are about TYPE 2!!

    I am sorry about your computer, and I hope you have the best day today!!