Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I knew it would happen

Someone came and crapped out my christmas the one that was actually had me feeling good . and now no not feeling good and just bah humbug . I also have a mouth full of cold sores so folks there you have it . Nice way to spend a christmas and a christmas eve . Im done really done and over it . Not to mention that my numbers are all over the place and the mini m&ms is not helping at all .Oh well this christmas is not any different than any other and the husband is not doing really good at the christmas thing either . Bah humbug !!!


  1. Gosh~ I hope things look a little more "merry" in the morning:)
    Keep your spirits up and don't let any little Grinches get to you.

  2. OH MAN! I'm sorry to hear that your Christmas is not going so well. I hope that the sun comes out and brightens your day :)