Wednesday, December 2, 2009

No Thanks no facebook for me either

Well I want to thank Joanne C. over at the death of a pancreas blog for giving me this idea . Thanks Joanne . I want to state very clearly that I for one do not have a facebook , my space page and I also dont do twitter or tweat at all . I find them useless and if I want to talk to someone I will simply pick up my cell phone and call them and have a real life conversation with them . Yes Joanne I totally agree there are just some things I can live without and fb, my space and twitter happen to be some of them . Also dont get me wrong I love my blogger and all my sistas from different mistas out there in blogger land . I love connecting with all of you through here at this blog .I love all of your blogs as well and feel so connected with you through these blogs . I love everyone of you and we are all connected through the big d and other things . So Joanne I support your feelings one hundred percent . Be carefull out there among them english and negative ghost rider .


  1. I am hardly on MySpace anymore. I don't have a Facebook account, don't ever want one. I do, however, Love Twitter. To each their own. I don't judge. ;-)

    If more people gave me their number maybe I would call them?? Hmmm. lol

  2. I have a myspace[as a writing profile, which I almost NEVER update] and a facebook[for personal contact, which I like for keeping up to date with my distant family when we just don't have time to get on the phone]. I tried Twitter. I didn't see the point...or, I wasn't that interested in the minute details of the people I knew. :D Blogging is it for me, too. I love the designs and the snapshots of a great story.
    Thanks for being a regular at my blog.

  3. I love seeing that I'm not the only one who is not interested in other social media. I love blogging because I love writing. But having my past haunt me on Facebook? No thank you!

    By the way, I have Type 1 diabetes too.

  4. Phonelady, we love you and your sweet comments you leave on our blogs. It is so awesome to be connected with some really cool women! THANK YOU!

  5. Hurray! Down with facebook and up with REAL communications! I don't know why but I do find that a comment on a blog is worth 10 mentions on Twitter, but a postcard is priceless. REAL post. It's great. I guess that the faster and more "broad" our posts become, the more ground that we cover if you will, with each post the less personal it becomes. After all, how can we expect to pass out a personal note to 500 people all at once.

    I love getting post, never get tired of it.

    Thanks for the comment on missive maven's site and hope you enjoyed my REAL wall