Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cough , cough and more coughing

Yes by the title you should guess that was what I did all night was cough and more coughing and it was not a pleasant night . Husband has it too now and I feel so bad that he got it . I just hope it does not develop so bad for him as it has for me or else he will be headed to the dr as well . You all really should see my dresser it looks like I could open a CVS all on my own (Joannes fave place ) and her cvs dollars LOL !!! we love you joanne . I must say I do feel better a little though . I am also on an inhaler and that is not fun . I guess the dr thought I would have trouble breathing . Now my ears are acting up . I swear if it is not one thing it is another . Okay well enough is enough . Be carefull out there among them english and negative ghost rider .


  1. That's too bad that your husband got it too. Take care of yourselves.

  2. When does it end???????

    Good gracious, I hope this mess gets cleared up soon.

    (((HUGS))) Hang in there :)

  3. I couldn't agree more- thanks for articulating a lot of my own feelings that I just can't get out these days.

    Thanks for Share...........