Thursday, November 12, 2009

Okay now I am really confuzzled

Well first off I would like to know how in the blue blazes one meter can read a 260 and then another meter read 114. Wth ? i know what I am doing i have been doing the d thing for many moons LOL !!! No cracks over age here please and believe me when I say I have heard them all . all I know is I dont have the $ to keep testing twice and I am another one who uses the control solution everytime I open a new vial of strips . I know these strips aint cheap. talk about frustrations . I am doing everything right and this mess is still going strong Ugh !! sooner or later I am sure i will be seing an endo and the endo will fuss me out about other things ,than what I came for . If that is the case they can be sure I will not be back and will find another endo to handle my problems . The only problem is that I have to pay out of pocket for any medical stuff I do because I cannot afford health insurance . Which I might add is a total other problem and I will blog at some other point about that . Enough of my soapbox kids . Be carefull out there among them english and negative ghost rider .


  1. It infuriates me that meters don't match from time to time. I hate it.
    I'm with you, no insurance. It's expensive, this D upkeep. Grrr. Hang tough.

  2. UGH I can't stand it when my meters do that or even worse is that error 5!! What kind of meter do you use?? I usually use the one touch mini I have like 5 because they give them away at D-camp =)... I am sorry about no insurance that sucks!!

  3. I HATE HATE HATE when a strip is wasted. HATE IT!!!!!! It makes me feel like I'm throwing a dollar bill in the trash can.

  4. I am with Wendy....let me just take a dollar bill and throw it away instead!

    I hate hearing this. I am so sorry! I always have trusted Brooklyn's meter, but I don't have two different kinds to go off of. CRAPPY!

    So having no insurance....with the struggles I am facing right now I might be right there with you after the end of the year. How do you do it?

  5. That is frustrating, and we have yet to encounter this problem.

    That is really worries me, we pay a lot of money for the supplies and your life depends on those numbers.. I just don't get how this can happen either. Did you call the meter company's... maybe that is a wast of time too!

    I hope you don't have this again.. we will be thinking of you!

  6. We sometimes test both of Elise's meters off the same drop of blood (one we have at the house and one we keep in the diaper bag), and more often than not there is a difference of at least 50! Which one am I supposed to trust and why am I getting such a difference when it's the same drop of blood, and the same type of meter and strip??? ARGH!