Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh The Heat Wave

Hi all thought you all would enjoy a nice photo of a beautiful sight . I found this sweet little sunflower peeking at me on my patio this morning . Yep grew this litlle thing from a discarded sun flower seed from my birds food . In the other photo is a great book that I am reading and it is titled " A three dog life and so far it is really good . I think anyone who likes dogs will like this book . I will save some more photos for tommorows post . I hope you all enjoy the views .


  1. that sunflower is lovely =-)

    sorry to hear about the heat wave you're experiencing - that seems to be the worst part of summer. if only summer could be a temperate 76 degrees all season long! ;)

  2. WOW....what a gorgeous flower :)

    Sorry melting over there....well...maybe not really :) I mean -- it's good to know I'm in good company sitting in the oven!!!!