Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Okay after reading some blogs I need to blow my top

Okay after reading certain blogs on here I feel the need to blow my top on some things .
First off we as parents should not be having to fight insurance companys to get our kids covered . It is not as if they asked to have a certain illness which requires supplies and special meds etc ... I did not ask to be dxed at 16 with type 1 diabetes . I am now 49 which means I have lived half my life with diabetes . My parents had insurance and good insurance because my dad worked for pepsi cola whom at the time was an a 1 company to work for and they supplied great insurance mom and dad and I never had to worry about them not paying for anything . So could someone tell me where the hell the insurance companys get off not paying for something that a child needs ? me I could understand cause im an adult and they would prefer im sure for me just to go off and die somewhere and stop being a burden . The state of this countrys health care is a disaster to say the least . I have been denied insurance for the last five yrs since my insurance was dropped by bcbs . I have since had to pay for everything out of my pocket and folks that aint no easy task . I can only imagine what some people who have children are doing when they dont qualify for medical assistance programs which are a joke as well . When is our government going to realize that they need to revamp the insurance companys and start letting them know that dropping indiviuals with certain illnesses will no longer be tolerated ? I think there should be some kind of regulating of the health insurance companys . Okay thanks and I will get off my soap box now .


  1. Stay on that box - we need advocates like you!
    Everyone deserves coverage!!

  2. Agree! Agree! Agree! Amen!

  3. Amen. Some of these blogs are breaking my hearts. As if the parents don't have enough to deal with....