Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Talk about mail art

Well I had been having a bad day and then I found this wonderful example of mail art in my mail box and I mean man oh man . I love this and I am saving it . Actually I save every letter I get from my pen pals . Yeah I have two boxes full of saved letters . I know my hubby would probably say this is clutter but hey I prefer the term mail art much better . So what say all of you ?


  1. I keep every letter I receive :) I look at it this way: I get rid of clothes I don't wear and items I don't use. I rarely keep anything I'm not using. So, I can hang onto these scraps of paper and letters that make me smile. :)

  2. Me, too, I keep letters and postcards. Why not? They don't take up so much room. And they give me such pleasure to look at them again.

  3. i keep all my letters too, but i don't have one place for them so i find them all over the house!

    hope you are well.