Sunday, July 4, 2010

Okay folks no fire works but other pics

Well wow could my day suck any worse ? I woke up and started to finish off some letter and low and behold the fountain pen broke and ink every where and then we found out there were fireworks on July 3rd here not the 4th so we missed them last night . So after cleaning up the ink and the mess that was the top of my desk I decide that perhaps we should remove ourselves from this house . LOL !! So we went to the ohio caverns where it was a really nice 54 degrees down there and it was cold and damp and dark . At first I kind of got sick to my stomach I really did and then when that subsided , the tour guide says , Oh and for all of those who might wonder about our safety she told us that we were perfectly safe and that when the top of the cavern expierienced an earthquake they did not even feel it when they were in the caverns . She mentioned this safety part sort of toward the end of the tour and I was like dont you think she should have said something toward the begining of the tour about that . LOL !! But hey that is my story a day late and a dollar short . Well any ways I got some awesome pics of the caverns and picked up some awesome post cards too . I just wish ;my pen had not broke !! Im a letter writter darn it did this pen not know that ? Now i have to write with gel pens until I can afford to replace a fountain pen . Oh well that is a whole other post . take care everyone and be careful out there among them english and negative ghost rider .


  1. I love caverns!

    Letter writing is a lost art. Don't let one fountain pen disaster deter you! : )

  2. very cool pic!
    have you tried disposable fountain pens? they're pretty neat.