Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back from the dr

The dr says that I have another sinus infection so another round of antibiotics . I hope this fixes it for sure cause frankly folks im tired of getting sick . I m glad i went back cause she did say my nose was iritated as well . Im done with everyone being sick and it is cold here . It was 40 when we drove home from the dr . and they said it will freeze here tonight . It has been cold is all I know and i know you guys in the northern climates are probably laughing at 40 but in florida 40 is cold folks . I know what cold truly is though cause I was raised in Missouri and that is cold . I know when I move to Ohio it will be cold too.


  1. I'm glad you went back to the dr. -
    I hope you feel better soon. I's no fun to be sick!

  2. Oh...sorry about another sinus infection!! Hope this round of antibiotics fixes it for you!

    Freeze in Florida....there goes the price of oranges right??? :D

    Where in Missouri did you live? (I grew up in Iowa)

  3. Oh yes, those dreadful sinus infections! I can relate. Hope you get rid of it quickly.

  4. Feel better soon!!!!!!

    Cold. Yeah. It was 40 when we woke up and 75 at dinner...I don't do cold for very long :)

  5. I hope the medicine works quickly! It took my mom two rounds to get over it. Thinking of you....

  6. Bummer!! Lets hope this is the final round, eh? I hope it warms up and you heal up real quick like!! Take Care of yourself...