Friday, January 29, 2010

im just so disgusted with these days

I sometimes feel like I work too hard to keep it all together most days and for what ? this is a statement i say everytime I get disgusted with having to inject , monitor , test and pee on a stick . I just get so tired of doing it all and I had these days with my son . Please dont take this the wrong way but I think it was easier for me when my son was little and he needed me more and now that he has been grown for some time , and it is just me to concentrate on all this peeing , injecting and testing and monitoring mess , Im a total mess . It seems like it is harder when it is just me . I know I am not alone in all of this and I often think of Joanne and Amy , Meri , Hallie , Jen , Nicole , Kelly and all of my great d blog mom friends who deal with their little ones having to be injected everyday too and that really stinks that we and our kids are dealt that . I hope this is coming out right , I hate being a ranter and a raver but really sometimes it just gets to be too much and I want to go and hide in a closet or corner . Oh well enough is enough . Be carefull out there among them english and negative ghost rider .


  1. Well..YOU my dear...are my hero! You give me hope for Jada...that she will indeed grow up, safe and healthy.
    Rant and rave....let it out! That's why we're all here! Lots of hugs to you today dear friend!

  2. That is what blogging is all about ranting and raving. That is why I like it sooo much!! lol But it is also about reaching out to people and finding the support and love and understanding that you need. SO here is a great big cyber ((((HUG)))) and I just hope your tomorrow will bring you some happiness and positivity :)

  3. We all go through phases where we JUST CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I pray these hard blood sugars will need a break.

  4. Just keep in mind that in a small way, you are still taking care of your son. He needs to see you take care of yourself so that he knows how important it is to take care of himself.
    Stay strong... thinks will hopefully straighte out soon.