Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just spending a lazy cold sunday at home

Well today I have set aside for just taking it easy and having a lazy sunday at home . It is still cold out and I have finished one book and I think I will start on another . It is just one of those lazy sundays . You guys know the kind where you just want to lay around and get all cozy and comfy . Im sure you do . Well numbers seem to be getting back into range thank goodness . It was bitter cold here yesterday it was 37 . and that is cold in florida folks . I am still moving to Ohio and I am dying to get our taxes done and be over it . I hate tax time it seems it is so stressing on people this time of year . I dont even want to talk about it really . Well try and have a lazy stress free sunday . Be carefull out there among them english and negative ghost rider .


  1. I grew up in Utah where it can get cold in the winter. But even then, I would have to say 37 degrees is cold. Snuggle under a blanket and enjoy your book.

  2. It is a lazy kind of Sunday:)

  3. Lazy Sundays are good for the soul. God bless you, my friend. Enjoy the peace that comes with a glorious day like SUNDAY.