Saturday, January 9, 2010

Today I actually feel like my old self

Now today I actually feel like my old self . No hurting nose , not as much coughing and an actual semi normal bg. Or at least I am half way there yipee . No relapse please . Well I got an interesting piece of mail today and it was from the Ihop restaraunt chain . Several weeks back I complained about a problem with their place here and how shoddy their service was . I did not even think I would hear back from them . Well lo and behold I got a coupon for free food , which was not what I was after . I wanted to inform them so that they could actually make their service better . I am not one to write complaint letter but believe when I do it was actually really bad LOL !!!So I guess what I am saying that if you want to make things better and keep our friendly mail ppl employed , get out there and write your complaint letters and make things better . I want everyone to have a fabulous day and evening . Be carefull out there among them english and negative ghost rider .


  1. Yay for free food though! Use it at a different Ihop so you can enjoy the food! lol!

  2. I blogged about a phone issue we were having with Comcast. I got a comment from a customer service rep. Well they didn't actually fix the problem. We figured it out. I was so mad that we were charged $50 for my husband to figure it out. So I emailed the guy and posted my email. They waived the $50! I say the squeaky wheel always gets the grease! Good for you!