Saturday, March 20, 2010

Are you ready for Obamacare ?

Do I or you really want the government in charge of our health care ? Im sorry but no I dont . I dont think the government can handle our heatlhcare very well . I just have to think that this will be a big mess and one from which we might not recover from . Oh well tell me what you think ?


  1. i have to agree. It's not going to work. It's going to suck the nation of any real chance at change...

    how ironic is that?

  2. I don't think the bill is "truly" about the government being in "charge" of anyone's health care. No, I have not read the bill. I should.

    But as a Type 1 Diabetic, I want frickin' options. Right now, unless I find someone to pay my bills and buy me food, I can't afford ANY insurance plan.

    I live in a state where they cannot deny me insurance based on my T1 Diabetes but they can make me wait up to a Year to cover any visits related to Diabetes. And the premiums? High. Coverage? Crap.

    People just need more options.

    I don't see this bill or what the President really wants to do as a "take over." Too much fear being spread, too many lies. This country is too much about greed and power.

    Elected officials are supposed to be the voice of their constituents. Right now, the majority of those elected officials only care for their position.

    And not just options but regulations. Insurance companies get away with way too much. They profit too much. Too many are being denied.

    Is the current bill good? Who knows. Anything the gov't does or does not do....not All will be happy. That is just how it is.

  3. since leaving the states i haven't been on top of the healthcare bill, but being back in canada really makes me appreciate the fact that if anyone in my family were to be sick, they would be taken care of.

    i'm pretty sure in the beginning the US version of universal healthcare will be full of bumps along the road, but who knows...maybe it can eventually be done "right".

  4. As a single mom who works her butt off to provide health care for her type 1 son, I want the gov't to keep their hands OFF my health care plan. Obamacare is not health care and we will only suffer from it.

  5. Thanks for entering my giveaway and for your suggestions! :)

    As for the health care. Since I live in Australia I've heard bits and pieces but not enough to really form any kind of opinion.

  6. I really need to read into this health care thing.. I have been curious to what it's all about.
    I do agree that we need more options available, and no restictions. I feel that a big part of our debts are to healthcare.. lots of folks have had to file BK, becaue the medical bills are outrageous, or they can't get coverage and they still have a HUGE medical problem.

    Why can't we do it more like Canada?? I don't much about that either, but we have to do something.

    I want to make sure that when Mattie is an adult she can get coverage with out the worry and stress!