Thursday, March 25, 2010

I feel drug out and worn out

The last couple of nights I have not been able to sleep very well and I dont have a toddler in the house or a child at all for that matter and I so sympathize with you ladies that do . It seems as though our friendly neighborhood stray cat is in heat and she does seem to choose to caterwail up under our window in the dead of night . LOL !! so I think it is a combination of things , stressing over the move and wondering if it will ever happen , the cat screaming and a combination of things and so much paperwork and phone calls and emails . I thought two wks ago okay we are almost there nope ! the job that did come through we cannot find a place to live there so we have to turn that area down and now we have found a place to live in another area and hopefully we will get a return call and start the process all over again , the persistant emails and phone calls and faxes starts all over again !!! UGHH !!! I just dont know how much more we are expected to take , I pray everyday for this to hurry up and get going but to no avail .I have prayed for peace to take over my mind . I hope this will happen soon .Would you all out there pray for me that peace takes over my mind again . Be careful out there among them english and negative ghost rider.


  1. I can sympathize! We have a momma duck sitting on her nest of eggs right outside of our window right now! I swear she starts quacking every morning at 245a. Grrrrrr!!

    I hope we can both get some good sleep!

  2. Those cats in heat can be loud and scary sounding! Hope it's over by now...