Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Be well aware Mr. President

Be well aware Mr. President I am not part of "your america " nor did I want this healthcare that you so well proclaim that "we need " well my dear sir I dont need your ideas of health care because in my opinion sir , this is just the first step to socialism .When election time comes around again for you I want you to know this " Be no doubt I will vote you out " I will do everything within my power to campaign against you and vote for the other guy or gal . I hope everyone in america does the same thing. I urge you who are reading my blog vote the democrats who voted for this bill in , vote them out . Let them know , you mess with the american people then we will show our appreciation where it most counts and that is in the voting booth . No mr president Im not part of your idea of america , Im just sick that my
father served proudly in the marine corp and my grandfather on the beaches of Normandy and this country is going to put me in jail and others like me who cannot afford health insurance . my family stepped up when this country asked for their service and now this country threatens to put people in jail for not having health insurance . for the first time in my life I am ashamed of my countrys leader . I will say no to you and your idea of america .
Be careful out there and negative ghost rider .


  1. Love you, lady! And your feeling... I totally agree with you! Have a most wonderful day!!!

  2. Hi. I have to respectfully disagree. No one is going to throw you in jail for not having health insurance. Where does it say that in the bill? You don't want health insurance, pay the $695 fine and that's that. Though why you wouldn't want to love a long and healthy life, with care, may be beyond my scope of understanding. We already cannot afford health insurance in this country. We are already divided into the people who can afford it to those that cannot. We all pay for people without homes to use the ER, right now.

    I think that 'socialism' should be used when we clearly know what that means. Are you paying into the Social Security system in this nation? Will you use Medicare? Do we all pay to run libraries, fix roads, run post offices, etc.? If you find those programs 'socialism,' then we have very different notions about it.

    And believe it or not, we are all 'Americans.' I was an American under GWB and you are an American under Obama. Welcome to your land. You can vote him out, you can disagree with him, but there are millions of us out there who believe that reform was needed and he was the first to step to the plate and do something.

    And for diabetes, thank the sweet heavens that they can no longer exclude people with pre-existing conditions. The insurance industry excluded my 6 year old daughter. You know who DOES insure her and is willing to? That would be a government run, state-sponsored health plan. They took her. Best care we have ever gotten.

  3. Im sorry penny but you need to read the bill and it is not just a matter of the fine it is the fact that the government will fine us each year that we dont have the coverage .do you not understand that you will have to qualify for the government to cover you and the fact that you cannot have medicaid or medicare or have insurance through your work to qualify ? Yes that would equal my husband paying 900 a month for his insurance through work . Im sorry we would not have a pay check left to pay for a roof over our head we would be living in our car if we have to take our insurance through my husbands work maybe that is okay with you people living in their cars cause it does not effect you . sorry but that is the way I feel I wont appologize for anything I said cause it is the truth like it or not .

  4. Hi - Oh I am not asking you in the least to be sorry in any way. You have your opinions, and I have mine. I think we differ on what the 'truth' is. I still cannot find the jail part in the bill and I went back through it all. I am just surmising that if your husband pays $900 a month for insurance, wouldn't you want something cheaper and more options so that you do have money left over after paying for health insurance? That's what this bill will do - you will be availed of more options and be able to buy health insurance through 'exchanges' - pools of people who are buying along with you and your husband.

    As for the fine, you will be exempted if you would pay more than 8 percent of your income for the cheapest available plan, you will not be penalized for failing to buy coverage. The fine starts at $95 in 2014. It is capped for families in 2016. You are right, the government wants you to buy health insurance. The government wants you to assume care for yourself. The government wants anyone off any dole they are on and onto the ranks of paying when they can for their healthcare. Isn't that what everyone has ranted about this whole time? That those who pay right now are paying for those who don't pay? This begins, in a small way, to solve those kinds of problems.

    I do understand about qualifying. But you will qualify for Medicare when you are old enough. Your income will qualify you for that. Your income will either qualify you for Medicare or for the government to subsidize part of your health insurance premium because you will fall under income guidelines.

    I have read the complete bill. It is fine we disagree. I hope you have a great day. It's been an interesting discussion.