Thursday, March 18, 2010

Well folks update on the move

Well we had to send in more paperwork and emails and hopefully something will happen and we will hear something soon . we had to send in more emails and paperwork yesterday so I m thinking another two wks before anything happens really again . still living out of boxes and waiting and more waiting . Well when my husband talked to one of the managers yesterday he asked if we already had a place to live there and Im like what ? they want us to have a place to live before we have a set job up there ? that is like putting the cart before the horse . I mean why would someone have a place to live before they are sure they have a job ? this is how they think some of them as* backwards !!! That was only one of the managers we spoke to , the rest of them did not even ask but did tell us they did have jobs available so we needed to send an email and then his mgr here has to send an email so we shall see what happens . I hope to hear a definite answer in about two wks and then I hope we can find a place to live that will be our next problem . I forsee it . Oh well be careful out there among them english and negative ghost rider .


  1. i hope the end of this uncertainty is near! {hug}

  2. Well...congrats on being one e-mail, paper, fax, whatever closer :) Keep us posted!