Monday, March 22, 2010

wow I might end up in jail

Yes folks that is right if we cannot afford to purchase health insurance through where we work no matter what the cost , we will be fined by the government and if we cant pay the fine we end up going to jail . Now in order for the government to subsidize your health you cannot receive medicaid , medicare or have insurance offered by your work . Even though you cannot afford your insurance through work and may end up living in your car they still want you to have health care . Is that freaking ridiculous or what ? also the government intends to raise your taxes in order to pay for all of this . and if you still dont have it they will put you in jail and yes that is right and anybody that doubts what I am saying read this bill . On an already burdened and faltering economy he wants to raise taxes . Also small businesses who have more than fifty employees you will be required to offer health insurance so mr or mrs 51st employee will have to be fired in order for you to not have insurance . Great Mr. Obama add more folks to the unemployment roles and to the homeless and to the already over burdened welfare system . Yeah that is a great move . Be careful out there among them english and negative ghost rider .


  1. So our countries leaders are morons. Proven.

  2. We are now socialists. We are no longer "America"
    I will not get on my soap box!!!!

  3. Health care is always the worst thing. Ours isn't too great either.